A Day To Relax!

May 12, 2011

At Atlanta West Hypnotherapy Clinic was an Absolute Blast! I really enjoy all (3) of the Relaxing techniques of:  REIKI, REFLEXOLOGY & HYPNOTHERAPY.

REIKI: Is a Beautiful way to reduce the every day “LIFE” stress which is based on the idea that an unseen “Life Force Energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive and I am sooo thankful for the introduction of REIKI.  I feel Like a “NEW” Born Person with a Positive Purpose.

REFLEXOLOGY: OMG! I can’t say enough about the different “reflex” areas on the feet that correspond to specific organs, glands and other parts of the body.  What a Life Experience!!!!!

HYNOTHERAPY: WOW! Hypnosis is in a category by itself that helps you to release those everyday negative Thoughts.  You can actually change the way you think and therefore, change the way you Feel.  “Self Improvements” are definitely the key…   Synethia, Marietta, GA

A Day To Relax

May 12, 2011

I came in for “A Day to Relax”. I was a little nervous and excited at the same time.  I had never had REIKI or REFLEXOLOGY before.  Reiki was a very interesting and relaxing experience leaving me energized and completely relaxed.  The Reflexology was also surprising, I knew about pressure points; I didn’t know how massaging the points correctly in the feet could affect your whole body.  By the time Carmen finished I was so relaxed I could have taken a nap.  That seemed to set me up perfectly to just sit back and take in the positive suggestions from Katherine with Hypnosis.  “I was comfortably surprised and completely content when I left the office.     Mitchell D., Atlanta, GA

The Little School That Could

January 5, 2010

Have you ever had the most delicious meal of your life, only to find yourself in disbelief that your gastric delight came from someone’s modest home kitchen  and not a 5 star restaurant?

Located in East Cobb Marietta, the Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute is tastefully and quietly turning out skilled Certified Hypnotherapist, one at a time.  Not to be fooled by appearances, that old adage would affectionately apply here; “don’t judge a book by its cover” This modest yet inviting home has been converted into the ANHI and is quit possibly Metro Atlanta’s little known authentic school’s of it’s kind that is recognized by the Post-Secondary Education Commission of Georgia.

Upon arriving at ANHI, you are immediately met with questions.  Is this a school or someone’s home?   Is hypnotherapy really taught here?  And if so, can I really learn something?  The credentials of Dr. Laura LaRain Founder/Director are impressive, but is she authentic, or just someone in it for the money. But, upon further investigation of ANHI, you are com-pelled to think again!

Unfortunately for those who are taking those quickie  courses to become certified hypnotherapist, are unaware that they are enrolled in a school not currently recognized by the Post-Secondary Education Commission of Georgia.  A prior Graduate of Anhi stated ”

At ANHI, your training will take you from 18-20 months to complete. We don’t believe in quick,

fast and in a hurry training schools.

To say that Dr. LaRain is a brilliant instructor and hypnotherapist is lamented by her current and former students and clientele as grossly under- stated.  To say that she has never used or benefited from hypnotherapy in her own life, again is as far from the truth as one can possible imagine.  Dr. LaRain is literally walking, breathing proof that the science of hypnotherapy works and what’s more, that it is a sustainable life skill which can be used over and over again.  Dr. LaRain has used hypnotherapy for 34 plus years throughout her personal journey of life, and she believes others can be helped and become just as successful in this field as she has been.

Some thoughts on Willpower

Willpower is an element in your mind that is short-lived.  It cannot exist for the amount of time needed to conquer what you set out to overcome.  That’s why New Year’s resolutions don’t work for very long.  Keep in mind that overcoming the fear of going to the dentist, or the fear of driving over a bridge or involuntary panic attacks bought on by triggers in the conscious mind, are all manifestations in the brain that must be managed and changed through the subconscious.  Willpower will not last long.  In reality, it has a short fuse.

Why we believe clinical Hypnotherapy won’t work

We’ve all seen comedic skits of someone being hypnotized.  A watch or time piece slowly being waved in front of a person’s face while lying down or sitting in a large arm-chair. The hypnotist appears cartoon, character-like.  Bulging eyes, a large mustache or crazed look, chanting, “You’re getting sleepy” “You’re getting sleepy” “you’re getting sleepy”.  Folks, this is pure entertainment, not clinical hypnotherapy. Just like commercials and mass media will convince us to buy that new and fancy car we may not need, believing such images to be what a hypnotist must be like, has unfairly tainted the valuable science of clinical hypnotherapy.   We have been brainwashed.

Hypnotherapy is a natural vehicle for addressing problems of the mind and body.  This science is so fascinating, that by the time you have graduated from ANHI, you will have the skills to understand left brain, right brain thought processes, and how one’s behavior, can be traced back to whether they are left/right brain dominant. To know and under-stand hypnotherapy from one who has benefited from it, to one who has been a student and teacher of this specialized and unique science, would clearly personify who Dr. Laura LaRain is today, who she was yesterday, and who she will continue to be tomorrow.  ANHI is her baby.  She lives and breathes the school.  And for good reason, it changes lives for the better.

At ANHI they offer no fanfare or parking permits.  The school is about the serious business of changing lives in a profound and sustainable manner.  And incidentally, if you didn’t know it, Dr. LaRain has been practicing the techniques of hypnotherapy in her own personal life journey.  On the clinical side, Dr. LaRain and her team of ANHI alumni, routinely meet with clients from all walks of life to help them manage a wide variety of life’s problems.  Problems ranging from panic attacks, phobias, habitual smoking, weight loss, anger management to name a few.  New clients find their way to Dr. LaRain by referrals from former clients that were successfully helped at the clinic.

Soft spoken and unassuming, Dr. Laura as she is affectionately called, holds a PhD in brain and suggestibility.  She has been steadfastly executing her specialized skills in the field of hypnotherapy for 34 years.  You will find her to be easy to talk to and most of all, authentic.  She can systematically map out how you can be helped or enlightened at ANHI.  As the Founder/Director of ANHI, Dr. Laura is proud to show how the subjects taught at ANHI are not only fascinating, but life changing.  Schools with similar curricula will make false claims that you to can become a hypnotherapist in 90 days, don’t be fooled.  No one else can boast of being the only school of its kind recognized by the Post-Secondary Education Commission of Georgia but ANHI.

In conclusion, we are happy to report that despite the school/clinic modest appearance; attending it can hold the key to a better understand of the world around.

Everyone is welcome to come visit our school/clinic and meet Dr. Laura.  We only ask that if you make an appointment, you will honor us with your visit on the day of the appointment.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

ANHI is located at:  4268 Canton Road NE Marietta, GA 30066.

Email us at info@anhi.com or call for hours and appointment: 770-928-0394.

Teens and Hypnotherapy

October 29, 2009

We all know that teenagers are suggestible to their peers. That’s because the critical mind which acts as a filter to accept known’s and reject unknowns is not very strong yet. However, did you know that if a teenager drinks alcohol or takes drugs, it weakens the critical mind so that it doesn’t become as strong till somewhere in the 20s? Cigarettes and alcohol more than likely will be among the first areas where your teenager will have to face peer pressure. With movies and television flashing images of juvenile smoking and drinking, most teenagers are shown only the more enjoyable and funny side of these habits. High school years are very competitive, and where your teenager stands on the popular scale with the rest of his or her peers is very important. The biggest fears of today’s teenager is to be labeled a “looser.” To get around this label your teen sometimes will portray an impression of being tough, rebellious and uncontrolled by their parents. Smoking and drinking for today’s teen are the easiest ways to declare their independence.

Hypnotherapy can help your teenagers who lack self esteem deal with this kind of pressure. It can also assist in building their confident and their abilities to say no to negative influences.

Hypnotherapy can help your teen with self-esteem, good study habits, saying no to peer pressure that is not in their best interest, sports, attitudes, confidence, smoking, alcohol, bedwetting, addiction to computer games, and positive interactions with family.

Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute

4268 Canton Rd. Marietta, Ga. 30066



October 29, 2009

Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute is ready to blog. We have got a lot to share about an exciting and rewarding career becoming a clinical hypnotherapists and our clinic (Atlanta West Hypnotherapy Clinic) is ready to share how and why hypnotherapy works.

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